Music, vintage italian scooters, style and photography. If I had to describe what I am about in a few words that is probably what would, at least to some extent, sum it up. Those things are also what this blog is mostly about.

I live in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Music has always been a big, perhaps even the biggest part, of my life. I've been playing in bands since my early teens, has been a DJ since my early twenties and am an avid collector of vinylrecords. Apart from music my biggest passion is vintage italian scooters (mainly Lambrettas even though I do own and sometimes ride a Vespa too). I also run a small one man photography business on the side of my normal dayjob. Occassionaly I organize clubnights. I am also one half of the notorius DJ-duo Surface Noise Soundsystem.

I suppose you could call this a lifestyle-blog and that some people would describe a lot of what you will find here, and me as well for that matter, as "mod", but to me that feels a bit constricting. Sure - vintage scooters, sharp clothing and music such as old american soul, ska/reaggae, rhythm and blues etc is a big part of my life and rather frequent in my posts but they are in no way the limit of what I enjoy. You are just as likely to find posts about funk, punk, indie, hip-hop or basically any genre whatsoever as far as music goes. I do not believe in restricting myself to certain genres simply to fit a certain mould - good music is good music, and if it get's me going I will write about it.
You can of course also expect quite a few posts about scooters and scooterruns.
As well as clothing, retrostuff such as furniture and other stuff i pick up at various thriftstores, photography...or just something fun I've done and feel like writing about.

To sum ut all up: this is me and the things that get me going. In text and photos.

(Most of my posts up until spring 2014 are in Swedish)