Wednesday, October 29, 2014

All that vinyl has to be put to use somehow.

There's been a lot of posts about music lately. Not very strange, since music has always been the number one ingredient in my hard competiton with the scooters and clothes/style. The latter two will feature more here on the blog but for now here's another musicrelated post.

I think anyone who reads this know by now that I DJ now and then. Both on clubnights I arrange myself and on others as a guest-DJ. Me and my good friend Daniel also host a semiregular night called South Station Soul which takes place about once a month at our local pub/cafe Södra Station. All vinyl of course - but there's no need in writing that out really, is it?

Not too long ago I finally got around to getting an account on Mixcloud where I plan to upload mixes or sets now and then. At the moment there are only four of them on there, but expect more in the future. A new one is actually most likely coming as early as tomorrow night or on sunday. Soul, funk, latin, ska, mod, grooves, garage, psych...I think you get what too expect. Since it's all vinyl and mostly old 45s you can't expect too many beatmixes (although some scratching might eventually turn up I feel like it).

So, if you feel like having a listen just drop in here:


Song of the day:
Willie Jones - Where's My Money?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

And now: commercials.

I suppose not too many of you reading this resides in my hometown Eskilstuna, but IF you do I suggest you unbook any previous plans you might have had for this coming friday evening, put on some smart attire and get down to Södra Station where me and my good friend Daniel will be spinning some old-school soul and funk, latin, ska and other groovy stuff all night.

All vinyl. Of course.

Song of the day:

Skull Snaps - I'm Your Pimp

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Way of the crowd.

There has been a lot of documentaries about northern soul made, but not many are very good or interesting. And don't even get me started on the movies...Soul Boy might have been fun in it's own way, but let's be honest: it is basically just Saturday Night Fever with better music and set in a dead end town in north England during the early 70's. That being said I do have some hope in the new Northern Soul - The Film, which premieres october 17th this year...but more about that one in a later post.

This documentary, called Way Of The Crowd, is however one of the better I've seen on the subject. Clocking in at a little over 40 minutes it features not only interviews with some of the original faces from the scene (some well known, some not so well known) and a lot of great dancing as well as (naturally) good music, but it also contains some footage from the heydays which at least I had not seen before (combined with the usual footage from Wigan Casino that seems to be in every documentary about northern soul ever made of course). You even get some interviews with a few of the original artists that were brought out of obscurity by the northern soul explosion.

All of this, combined with the fact that it actually tells the history of northern soul as well as explains (or at least tries to explain) the movements cultural roots, development, all of the things it started and influenced (DJing, disco, breakdancing etc) and where it stands today makes it well worth watching whether you are a true aficionado or just wonder "northern soul - what?".

Song of the day:
Evie Sands - Picture Me Gone